Produce goodness                                      


Whether you are in need of GREAT or PERFECT QUALITY, we can promise competitive pricing to accommodate both our needs. The quality you desire @ a price we both can live with. After all, we desire a longterm engagement from EVERY customer, & that means YOU! WE are in the business of DOING BUSINESS.



When product availability is in short supply, you can bet that we are putting our power broker connections to work, to have exactly what YOU, the market, demands. In the next wave of scarcity in the market, don't hesitate to give us an opportunity to have what others are unable to supply.




As an established and well rooted business for now 20yrs,

you can bet we will be here when all others have come and gone. We understand that keeping you, the client supplied when demand is requested, is a most vital component to staying in operation: You demand and we WILL supply.



Our attention to quality and service has made us an industry leader in local and surrounding produce markets.


@ SouthCoast,

the customer always comes first, as we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. Highest quality Produce at competitive market prices.


Want to know more about our business and the services we offer?  


Call us or come by: 

come take a tour of our facility and meet our dedicated staff members.


We're looking forward to hearing and working with you.

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2500 S. Harwood St.

Dallas, Tx. 75225

Phone: 214.747.8118






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